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    For 2013, the average online video ad was about double the price of a national TV commercial
    In 2013, the price of online videos was around $20 to $23 per thousand viewers. This price was double that of a TV commercial for that year. The difference was even greater for online videos that were targeted. More at, 4/21/14:  (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Facebook CTRs Rise 20%, Ad Impressions Soar 41%
    Facebook still has some concerns about a lack of user growth, but it has managed to make progress on the issue of monetizing the platform. The company’s ad business has seen a growth of 41 percent in ad impressions over the previous quarter. In addition, click through rates are up 20 percent. More at, 4/22/14:  (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Mobile traffic and shopping is growing fast
    A new survey shows that mobile web traffic has increased 50 percent over the last year. This type of traffic now makes up over a quarter of all traffic. This has led to large growth in mobile commerce and the use of mobile devices as a complement to retail shopping. More at, 4/21/14:  (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Google To Offer Targeted Mobile App Install Ads In Search And YouTube
    Google plans to offer targeted mobile app install ads in search and YouTube. Google will use data they already have to target certain apps towards the users likely to download them. Google also plans to integrate deep linking with AdWords. More at, 4/22/14:  (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Has social media matured?
    Social media has been growing as an advertising channel at a rapid pace. Most technologies eventually reach a point of maturity. There is now evidence that social media is reaching that point based on the increased competitiveness and slowdown in projected growth. More at, 4/23/14:  (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    TV, Not Digital, Propels Madison Ave. Spending, Twitter Surges 155%
    Madison Avenues ad spending grew significantly in the first quarter of 2014 in comparison to the previous year. That spending was mostly driven by a number of major television events. Twitter grew 155 percent as a supplier of digital ads this quarter. More at, 4/21/14:  (Article posted on 4/28/2014)  Read >>
    Brands On Instagram Can Expect 4.3% Engagement Rate
    With the reach of organic posts being limited by Facebook, many brand are looking to Instagram as a primary platform for online advertising. New data suggests that brands will see an engagement rate of 4.3 percent for Instagram posts. This means the brand receives 4.3 interactions for every 100 followers that it has. More at, 4/16/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Mobile Ad Market Struggles To Connect With Users
    A recent survey showed that 58 percent of smartphone owners use their phones daily to access the Internet. Despite this big market, marketers are having trouble personalizing and targeting users. Mobile advertising requires new formats, while current advertising tends to copy ads for desktops and laptops. More at, 4/15/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Marketers Still Not Thinking Mobile-First
    Only 20 percent of U.S. smartphone owners see in-app advertising as relevant to them. In addition, 57 percent view in-app advertising as interruptive. These results suggest that marketers are still not tailoring ads specifically to what mobile users desire. More at, 4/16/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Local Ad Spend Zooms Down Runway
    Local location-based mobile advertising is becoming a significant part of marketing. Revenues for these ads are set to grow to $4.5 billion in 2014. It is predicted that these revenues will reach $15.7 billion by 2018. More at, 4/11/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>

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