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    Brands On Instagram Can Expect 4.3% Engagement Rate
    With the reach of organic posts being limited by Facebook, many brand are looking to Instagram as a primary platform for online advertising. New data suggests that brands will see an engagement rate of 4.3 percent for Instagram posts. This means the brand receives 4.3 interactions for every 100 followers that it has. More at, 4/16/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Consumers create new product buzz
    There is a constant stream of new products coming to market that are looking to gain consumers. Positive social media reviews have proven to be a great boost to these new products. Some products that have benefited include Nutella and Stride ID gum. More at, 4/11/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Report: Nearly half of Twitter Users Never Tweet
    As Twitter grows, it must deal with some major concerns about usability. A new report shows that 56 percent of Twitter users have never posted content on the site. There is a large segment of Twitter users who only use the site passively. More at, 4/14/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Twitter Isn't Everything
    Cody Simpson was eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars” this week. This elimination was a surprise to many because of how popular Simpson is on Twitter. Simpson has over 6.5 million followers on the platform, but that didn’t prevent him from being eliminated. More at, 4/16/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    4 Reasons Online Ads Will Grow and 1 Reason They Will Shrink
    Online ad revenue has continued to grow at an exponential pace. Some of the reasons this growth will continue include widespread online usage, the inclusion of mobile, increased targeting, and more formats available. One concerning factor for the future of online advertising is that there is too much consolidation among online advertisers. More at, 4/18/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Local Ad Spend Zooms Down Runway
    Local location-based mobile advertising is becoming a significant part of marketing. Revenues for these ads are set to grow to $4.5 billion in 2014. It is predicted that these revenues will reach $15.7 billion by 2018. More at, 4/11/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Marketers Still Not Thinking Mobile-First
    Only 20 percent of U.S. smartphone owners see in-app advertising as relevant to them. In addition, 57 percent view in-app advertising as interruptive. These results suggest that marketers are still not tailoring ads specifically to what mobile users desire. More at, 4/16/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Mobile Ad Market Struggles To Connect With Users
    A recent survey showed that 58 percent of smartphone owners use their phones daily to access the Internet. Despite this big market, marketers are having trouble personalizing and targeting users. Mobile advertising requires new formats, while current advertising tends to copy ads for desktops and laptops. More at, 4/15/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    Social-Savvy Brands Favor Facebook, Twitter
    It is difficult to measure an exact level of social media success for brands, but there are some metrics that seem consistent. The top brands on social media have large presences on Facebook and Twitter. These brand average about 14.5 million Facebook fans and 1.9 Million Twitter followers. More at, 4/14/14:  (Article posted on 4/21/2014)  Read >>
    How Brands Use, Gauge Results On Vine, Instagram
    Many brands have adopted the use of Vine and Instagram video services. Brands have been finding that the videos do not have to be quirky to be effective due to their short length format. The video services are primarily being used for brand building, as gauging results is not always easy. More at, 4/9/14:
      (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>

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