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    New Face of TV Viewership: Laptops and Tablets and Phones, Oh My!
    Viewers are increasingly looking to other mediums to get content about their favorite television programs. Over 90 percent of television viewers also use Google or Youtube. This shows that digital and television are sharing an audience. More at, 4/10/14:  (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Just 22% of consumers trust emails from companies or brands, 13% trust ads on Web sites, and only 32% trust ads in any channel
    Consumers are paying less attention to brand messages. Only 22 percent of consumers trust emails from companies. Even less, 13 percent trust ads on websites. More at, 4/10/14:  (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Wearables To Surpass 19 Million Units In 2014
    The wearable accessory market is just starting to overcome the early adopter phase. IDC projects that shipments of wearable devices will exceed 19 million units this year. IDC also projects that these devices will continue to grow at a rate of 78.4 percent in years to come. More at, 4/11/14:  (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Get ready for disruption, retail: The Internet of Things is here
    Gartner predicts that The Internet of Things will result in 26 million installed units by 2020. IoT has the potential to completely disrupt the retail industry. IoT can improve staff productivity, inventory management, and security. More at, 2/3/14:  (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Heartbleed Bug Could Disconnect Internet of Things
    The Heartbleed bug is a recent revelation that could allow hackers to gain access to user passwords. This bug will impact more than just web servers. It could threaten the trend of some companies making information more accessible. More at, 4/10/14:  (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Americans Distrust Tech Companies
    There have been recent revelations about companies cooperating with government surveillance. Americans are wary to give personal information to tech companies knowing that information may not be secure. Americans support government surveillance, but they want more oversight. More at, 4/7/14:  (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Tesla Drivers Like Drudge: Carefully Targeting The Connected Car
    As connectivity increases, marketers are looking for ways to target car drivers. Tesla is one of the first cars to come connected by default with a 17-inch screen at the center of the dashboard. Users have been searching the web, with Drudge Report being the most popular site visited by Tesla drivers. More at, 4/7/14:  (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Mobile video usage climbing with larger screens
    Larger screen phones drive increased mobile video consumption. Other drivers of mobile video consumption include good quality video and 4G networks. While 72 percent of consumers watch video on their mobile phones, only 44 percent do so once or more times per week. More at, 4/1/14:
      (Article posted on 4/7/2014)  Read >>
    More Consumers Enamoured Of Web TV
    Twenty-five percent of consumers plan to buy a connected TV in the next 12 months according to a survey conducted across 23 countries. Forty-four percent of the respondents reported viewing full-length movies and TV shows via the Internet daily. It is predicted that by the year 2017 the number of video-centric connected devices will surpass the world population. More at, 4/5/14:  (Article posted on 4/7/2014)  Read >>
    5-year-old finds Xbox security flaw, becomes Microsoft researcher
    A five year old figured out how to bypass his dadís Xbox live password. By simply typing all space keys in the password verification screen he was able to bypass the password security. In a sign of gratitude for finding the security flaw, Microsoft listed the five year old as a security researcher on its website. More at, 4/4/13:
      (Article posted on 4/7/2014)  Read >>

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