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    Start-Up Promises Smartphone Charging in 30 Seconds
    An Israeli startup called StoreDot is developing a new battery charger for smartphones. The charger will be released in late 2016. The company claims that the charger can fully charge mobile devices in 30 seconds. More at, 4/8/14:  (Article posted on 4/14/2014)  Read >>
    Instagram Puts Small Businesses In The Picture
    Instagram reached 35 million U.S. users last year. The social media appís growing popularity has made it a key opportunity for small businesses. A new app called Perch allows small businesses to track their presence in the pictures. More at, 3/28/14:  (Article posted on 4/7/2014)  Read >>
    Cloudera (Hadoop) Wins $160M Endorsement from Likes of Google, Dell
    Cloudera has raised $160 million in its latest round of venture capital funding, bringing its total to $300 million. The list of investors includes Google and Michael Dell. Cloudera will use the money as it tries to help enterprises exploit big data. More at, 3/19/14:   (Article posted on 4/1/2014)  Read >>
    If you back a Kickstarter project that sells for $2 billion, do you deserve to get rich?
    Oculus, a company that raised $2.4 million on Kickstarter, has been sold for $2 billion. Those who contributed on Kickstarter donít get any of that money. Many companies such as Wefunder hope to change this by offering equity crowdfunding. More at, 3/28/14:   (Article posted on 4/1/2014)  Read >>
    Musk touts Tesla video ad made by recent college grads for $1,500
    Two recent college grads made a Tesla ad for $1,500, which they then sent to Tesla. While Tesla does not currently spend any money on advertising, the ad caught the attention of CEO, Elon Musk. Musk said he is interested in working with the creators in the future. More at, 3/18/14:   (Article posted on 3/24/2014)  Read >>
    Investors Drop $350M on Dropbox
    Dropbox received $350 million in funding during a new round of investment. The financing gave Dropbox a $10 billion valuation. The latest round of funding comes as Dropbox faces more competition from major names like Google and Microsoft. More at, 2/25/14:  (Article posted on 3/10/2014)  Read >>
    IBM Launches Watson Mobile 'Big Data' Developer Challenge
    IBM launched the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge this week. The company is challenging users to create apps powered by Watson. Finding commercial applications for Watson technology could be very beneficial to the company. More at, 2/26/14:  (Article posted on 3/10/2014)  Read >>
    Kickstarter Hits $1 Billion Milestone
    Crowdfunding has become a major source of investment for businesses. Kickstarter just announced that it has officially raised $1 billion for its projects. Half of that $1 billion was raised in the past year. More at, 3/03/14:  (Article posted on 3/10/2014)  Read >>
    Groceries delivered to wherever your car is parked via one-time use secure app
    Volvo and Ericsson are working on a system for delivery directly to your car. Once an order is placed, your car would be located via GPS, the delivery person would receive a one time digital key to open your car, and the delivery would be placed in your trunk. Currently, Volvo is testing the concept with grocery delivery. More at, 2/20/14:   (Article posted on 2/24/2014)  Read >>
    Candy Crush creator must bring out new hits as it IPOs
    Candy Crush Saga maker, King Digital Entertainment, is getting ready for an IPO. To be a success, King must continue to create hits. Currently, 78 percent of its revenues come from Candy Crush. However, Candy Crush canít last forever. More at, 2/19/14:   (Article posted on 2/24/2014)  Read >>

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